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 jounin jutsus

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PostSubject: jounin jutsus   Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:54 pm

earth element: earth rising wall
fire element:dragon fire jutsu(must know fireball)
water element: water wall
water element:water dragon blast jutsu(must know waterball)
great clone explosion(must know shadow replication)
water release:great waterfall(must know waterball)
fire element:fire dragon missile
earth element:earth dragon missile
shadow replication
water element:water prison
earthe element:earth river flow
shadow shuriken jutsu
fire element:grand fire ball jutsu(must know fireball)
summoning jutsu(must have signed a summoning contract)
creation rebirth
Secret Tree Element: Birth of Trees
red secret technique: 1 hundred puppets


open the eigth inner gates
primary lotus(must know open the eigth inner gates)
secondary lotus(must know open the eigth inner gates)
hidden lotus(must know open the eigth inner gates)
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jounin jutsus
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