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 special jutsus

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PostSubject: special jutsus   Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:58 am

here i'll write down your ideas for a special jutsu

others have to learn from you first

special jutsus:

leaf kunai (arashi): you convert chakra into a leaf then you throw it at your enemy
while flying at your opponent the leaf becomes as hard as a real kunai
requirements: high chakra control

secret puppet technique: great puppet/marionette summoning(arashi): you call a large amount of puppets/marionettes out of the nowhere
requirements: huge amount of chakra

secret puppet technique: without strings(arashi) : you control your puppets/marionettes without using strings of course this also drains more chakra
requirements: huge amount of chakra

massive shadow replication(arashi): you use the shadow replication jutsu to make 200-2000 clones
requirements: huge stamina

death air(zeocj1994): Badly damages the enemys mind with a Genjutsu that feels like your mind is being eaten by air bugs
requirements:huge amount of chakra
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special jutsus
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